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I don’t like your little dick – Video

January 5th 2012 in SPH, Video

I don’t like your little dick

I don’t like it and i cant believe you want me to look at that stupid little misshapen thing. What a joke! I don’t like it I’ll never like and no other girl will either, its repulsive. real dicks don’t look like that nub between your legs. Good god its grossing me out!

Length : 4 mins, 12 secs
File Format : .wmv
Price: U.S. $5.00

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I cant find your dick

Where is it because I’m looking and i cant find your dick. I searching around but seriously there’s nothing between your legs are you sure youre not a girl because I’ve never seen a dick that fucking small.

Length : 4 mins, 12 secs
File Format : .wmv
Price: U.S. $5.00

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Id rather fuck girls

Your little nothing nub is so mall that id rather fuck girls then get anywhere near that useless thing wiggling between your loser legs.

Length : 3 mins
File Format : .wmv
Price: U.S. $5.00

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