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Queer – Mp3

January 17th 2012 in Gay, Gay Humiliation, Hypnosis, MP3

Powerful Femdom erotic training and mind control “QUEER ” its time to act like the queer you really are. The queer everyone already knows you are, a real queer! Accepting and flaunting your attraction and desire for cock. living the queer life, like the cock craving queer you always knew you were. its what you really want to do and who you really are. Go deep into trance, have your mind controlled, turned into the kind of queer i want you to be, Your new manta is I’m here and I’m QUEER and i better get used to sucking cock. As you live fully and freely as a big flaming Queer.

Includes: make you gay, gay, bisexual, cock worship, attraction retraining, acceptance, shame reduction, gay humiliation, lifestyle acceptance, cocksucking, obsession, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, original music, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.

Listen: Queer Sample

Length : 13 mins, 49 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

its time to act like the queer you really are. The queer everyone already knows you are, a real queer!
Price: $25.00



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