Chastity Is Your Destiny

Affirmation chastity training at its finest. It is your destiny to be in chastity. This is just a fact of your life. Knowing it’s not only what you deserve but what you desire to happen. Subverting your own greedy undeserving physical needs, being in a constant state of hyper arousal, leaking and pathetic. You know that you deserve this. Know your place, learn to love your place, your place will always be in chastity.
Includes: chastity training, tease and denial, chastity devices, sph, sub training, female domination, triggers, trance training, femdom hypnosis, mind fuck, mental domination erotic audio, erotic hypnosis, ASMR, whisper tracks, subliminal suggestions

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Length : 24 mins, 34 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00