Fat And Flabby Affirmations

Fat and flabby. woman with face on a huge pile of pasta with the text fat and flabby affirmations on the side and jenny demilo below the pictureFeeder/Feedee affirmations. You will be fat, huge, ginormous! These affirmations will help you on that journey to become the real you, the true you the HUGE you. You know its who you are, the gigantic you, i will help you be that you. I will command you, you will obey. Get fat, get flabby, eat , eat eat and eat some more. do it for me, do it for your mistress. Do it for Mistress DeMilo.
Includes: Feeder, feedee, food obsession, humiliation, weight gain, brainwash, mind fuck, body modification, growth, trance, triggers, suggestions, affirmations, femdom hypnosis, whispers

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Length : 48 mins, 50 secs
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