Jenny DeMilo’s Sissy Finishing School: Garters and Stockings

sissy training femdom hypnosis Jenny DeMilo’s Sissy Finishing School: Lesson 3  Garters and Stockings

Class is in session and today’s lesson is “GARTERS AND STOCKINGS ” Be seduced by my hypnotic voice and have your mind controlled by my powerful femdom hypno. Become obsessed and distracted by garters and stockings and wearing them under your “normal” clothes. Trained to crave the feel of silk stocking against your legs, hypnotized into needing to feel the tight pull of a matching garter belt against your waits and cock. Take lesson three you will be begging for the next. Not for those not interested in real sissy slut transformations.

Includes: stocking and garter obsession, lingerie, public humiliation, sissification, transformation, feminization, make you gay, gay, bi,  Back tracks, double tracks, subliminal triggers, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.

Listen: Garters And Stockings Preview
Length : 14 mins, 45 secs

File Format : .mp3

Price: U.S. $25.00


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