Sweater Wearing Cocksucker – RETIRED

Powerful Femdom hypnosis and mind control training “Sweater Wearing Cocksucker” You need to be trained to accept your sweater fetish and cocking sucking tendencies. You’re the kind of sissy that gets very aroused and excited the minute you slip on that angora sweater and get ready to suck anonymous cock at the adult bookstore. The angora triggers your sissy slut feminine side and makes you crave to suck cock after cock after cock. Sissy training for the sweater obsessed and feminizing aficionado. Lots of triggers and back tracks to solidify your place, making you more addicted more obedient more submissive and a real frilly sissy slut.

Includes: sweater fetish, angora sweater triggers, cocksucking, make you gay, gay bisexual, feminization, cocksucking, oral servitude, humiliation, gay, sissy slut, sissy training, glory hole

Use headphones and do not operate heavy machinery while listening.

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Length : 21 mins, 49 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00