Stroke Weight Pump – Mp3

masturbating with a penis pump hypnosis Super Stroking is your addiction. Always stroking, edging and never being able to cum, just more arousal and stroking. Be trained in this session to stroke, and stroke and stroke. To stretch your balls so that they can hold more cum, cum you will only ever be able to leak out. Take the next step into super stroking by weighting your balls and pumping your cock making it bigger with every pump. Every stroke a step closer to a monster cock you will have. Stroke constantly, never cuming only leaking cum all over your red sore cock, taking you to levels of ecstasy and arousal you’ve never even imagined possible.

Includes: JOI, Masturbation instructions, jerk off instructions, super stroking, cock pumping, penis pump, orgasm denial, TnD, masturbation, triggers, trance, mental control, mental domination, stroke addiction. ball stretching, cum leaking, back tracks, subliminal suggestions

Listen: Stroke Pump Weight Preview

Length : 0 hrs, 10 mins, 52 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00


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