Bottom of the sexual food chain

BottomSexFoodchain_ARTI know what you are and its time that you figured out what you are. You are on the bottom of the sexual food chain. A lowly beta male, you are the lowest of the low. Your only job is to serve and to be humiliated. Work hard to accept your shame and degradation and you might be able to fulfill your life long dream of being a slave for sexual use by strong powerful men and strong powerful women. Who use you for their own pleasure… until it hurts.
Includes: Make you gay, bisexual, deep emotional humiliation, degradation, shame, cuckolding,cock acceptance, triggers, trance submission, mental domination, slut training, bdsm instructions, anal, anal servitude, cock-sucking, cock worship, sexual slavery,slave training, slut training,  oral servitude, female dominance, mind fuck, brainwashing
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