Stroke Fiend 2 Taking It Further

StrokeFiendTWO-ARTYour stroking habit is getting worse, its a multiple time a day endeavor. Your cravings to jerk your own cock are getting stronger, its a distraction you cant ignore, Your desires start to morph into news ways to get it up faster and more often. You turn your attention to your balls and begin to start stretching them, low hanging abused balls will do the trick, it will help you achieve more erections in which to continue your journey into stroke addiction. Jerking off, ball stretching and cum eating. Yes your cum eating will increase too. Always aroused and always following my directions, you will descend into a frenzied stroke addicted life becoming a true stroke fiend. Your ultimate goal.
Includes: JOI, Masturbation instructions, stroke addiction, ball stretching, ball devices, abused balls, forced orgasms, orgasm control, cum eating, CEI, cum play, mind fuck, mental domination, humiliations, life control, female domination, femdom hypnosis, triggers, subliminal suggestions
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