Stroke fiend Four Ivory Cum Tower

StrokeFiend4_ARTYou need more femdom hypnosis training, more instructions if you are to become the ultimate stroke fiend. Always ready to whip it out, get it hard, get to work and then slurp up the results. Being able to cum anywhere anytime is the goal and you are ready to set some records. Your stroke toy and porn collection is growing, the ball stretchers testing your limits. you begin to train harder, more often and with vigor. Cumming more often and immediately you need to cum again. The cycle of cum addiction you cant stop. It only gets stronger. This is your life, this is your art, you lock yourself up in the prison of your ivory cum tower.
Includes: CEI, masturbation instruction, ball stretchers, cum addiction, humiliation, joi, mind fuck, mental domination, female dominance, forced masturbation, toys, orgasm control, triggers, trance training, femdom hypnosis
Listen: Stroke Fiend Four Ivory Cum Tower


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