Bimbo Transformation

bimbotransformation_artYour physical transformation is complete. You’ve shed your gross male body and are now a stunning big titted blonde bimbo with an insanely high libido. Now to put that libido to work for you to achieve your goal of taking the most cocks, the biggest cocks, the greediest cocks. Down your throat. In your new discovered cunt and your tight greedy bimbo ass. Taking more and more all the time being the biggest bimbo whore you can be.
Includes: sex change, whore training, bimbofication, slut training, double penetration, anal, cocksucking, femdom hypnosis, feminization, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwash, transformation, brainwash, bdsm instructions, slut training, whore training
Listen: Bimbo Transformation Preview

Length : 30 mins, 59 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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