Trance Induction Collection

tranceinduction5mp3_artFive amazing top quality trance induction mp3s. Bundled for a discount. All induction have their own unique slant and focus. They should be listened to before any femdom hypnosis session/recording (mine or others) to enhance your session, make your session more effective, more mind bending, stronger and longer lasting. Get the entire induction collection, spend more time in a stronger, better, more effective trance.
1. Seven Minute Trance Induction
2. Ascension Induction
3. Surrender Induction 
4. Humiliation Induction
5. Trigger Induction
Listen: Trigger Induction Preview
7 Minute Trance Induction Preview
File Format : .zip (5 Mp3s)
Price: U.S. $80.00


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