Food Transformation

You feel empty and I can fill you up. Fill you up with food. You find you will be eating more, food satisfy you soothes you. You’re addiction to food grows, and your obsession increases. You find you are eating more and more and that it makes you very aroused to continue eating. The more you eat the more you need to eat only eating gives you the charge you need. You find you clothes are starting to get tight, it makes you both humiliated and excited, the feelings are intermixed. You will transform, with food, arousal and obsession.
Includes: feeder, transformation, body mod, food obsession, Sitophilia, food, mental domination, mind fuck, mesmerize, female domination, humiliation degradation, femdom hypnosis, erotic training, triggers, trance training.
Listen: Food Transformation Preview

Length : 26 mins, 42 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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