Chastity Affirmation Project

Over 45 mins of repetitive Chasity affirmations to enhance your addiction to being in chastity, denied and always aroused. Serious training for real chastity lovers. Deep subliminal suggestions, multi tracks, ASMR and binaural beats are all included. Learn to love your station as a chastity slave. Learn to accept your place, teased and denied. Learn to be all you can be as the ultimate chastity slave always craving more time with your cock locked up and under my control.
Includes: chastity, tease and denial, cock control, orgasm control, arousal control, mind fuck, humiliation, mental domination, femdom hypnosis, trance training, triggers, ASMR, hollaphonic sound, binaurel beats, brain training
Listen: ChastityAffirmationProject Preview
Length : 45 mins, 30 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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