Flaccid Dick Affirmations

Your dick is limp and that’s the way its going to stay. A flaccid limp noodle with no power to get hard. Your flaccid little dick is powerless. It just hangs there, never doing anything. Its almost like its in a deep depression, you have no control. You cant make it hard. The more aroused you get, the softer and more flaccid that useless cock you have will get, limp hanging little noddle. Over 45 mins of repetitive affirmations to train you to accept that your dick will always be a useless little limp thing. Just they way its supposed to be.
Includes: Limp dick, cock control, mental domination, mind fuck, brain wash, body dysphoric, mind control, femdom hypnosis , triggers, trance training, ASMR, Binaurel beats, mind training, cock training, slave training.
Listen: FlaccidDickAffirmations Preview
Length : 0 hrs, 10 mins, 52 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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