Homewrecked Fag Affirmations

Its true you can’t deny it any longer, you want cock more then you want your wife. The only vow you wish to keep is the one where you’re on your knees praying to cock, with your mouth. You leave your wife un-fucked because cock is what you really want. your marriage is a sham because of the cravings you cant deny. over 45 mins of repetitive affirmation training to help you to accept that you are a Homewrecked Fag.
Includes: homewrecking, marriage destruction, make you gay, arousal control, femdom hypnosis, ASMR, trance training, triggers, mental domination, female dominance, cock control, cocksucking, cock worship, slave training, mind control , brainwash
Listen: Homewrecked Fag Affirmations Preview
Length : 46 mins, 15 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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