Beta Male Affirmations

Your training as a beta male continues with over 45 mins of reinforcement and affirmations, solidifying your place as a beta male. Your role is defined, you are beta to alphas, you will serve. you will be degraded, you will suck cock. You will become the beta male you know you are deep inside. The is the next step in your training begins now, take your place, assume the position, open your gaping mouth hole and do are you are commanded by your superiors. You will feel any power slip away, and you will continue your journey down the path of being beta… a beta male on the bottom of the sexual food chain.
Includes: coercedbi, make you gay , cock sucking, goddess worship, position lowering, mental domination, female dominance, bdsm instructions, trance training, triggers, mind fuck, mind control

Listen: Beta Male Affirmations Preview

Length : 48 mins, 30 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $38.00



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