Cum Eating Affirmations

You know its what you should do, you want to but need that extra push. You will become a prolific cum eater. Its your destiny, its who you are on the inside. Its your fate! Over 45 minutes of cum eating trance affirmations, designed to stretch your cum eating skills. Making you more inclined, more driven more aroused but your new favorite obsession.
Includes: CEI, cum play, transformation, increased arousal, mind fuck, brainwash, make you gay, coercedbi , cocksucking, cum attraction, mental domination, trance training, triggers, ASMR, back tracks, subliminal suggestions, affirmation training, deep implantation of reactive thought, magic control, humiliation, female domination

Listen: Cum Eating Affirmations Preview

Length : 45 mins, 55 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00



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