Brainwashed Cockslut

Brainwashed, hypnotized seduced by your secret dark desires. Needing to always have a cock in your mouth, its a craving you can no longer ignore, I will turn you into what you know you are on the inside. A brainwashed cocksut. You will become addicted as your obsession grows, you wont be able to deny the need you have to be a cockslut, needing and craving a hard cock in your greedy greedy whore mouth.
Includes: Coerced bi, Make you gay, cocksucking, oral servitude, femdom hypnosis , trance training, triggers, ASMR, erotic hypnosis, female domination, mistress service, mental domination, mind fuck, magic control, erotic manipulation

Listen: Brainwashed Cock Slut Preview
Length : 14 mins, 57 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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