Enveloped Manhood

Trained to crave to suck your own cock. Not only trained to need but trained to accomplish, to feel your own hard cock in your own greedy mouth. Soon your cock wont be enough ad you will need to envelop your low hanging full balls and suck until you explode. This will be a compulsion, a burning desire, a need, a distraction, you will always be thinking about sucking your own cock with your own mouth. Triggered and tranced trained to want this more ten anything else.
Includes: auto fellatio, self love, cocksucking, triggers, trance training, femdom hypnosis, mind fuck, brainwash, transformation, arousal, mental domination, humiliation, magic control, forcedbi, erotic audio, binuaral beats, ASMR
Listen: Enveloped Manhood Preview

Length : 20 mins, 39 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00


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