Limp And Soft Affirmations

Its so sad how you cant control your cock, it just stays there limp and soft. Exactly how you want it, the more aroused you get the less you are able to make your cock work for you when you need it the most, the embarrassment is so exciting, the fact that there’s nothing you can do to get your body to match the arousal in you head is exciting, the fact that you re soft and limp when you are bot and bothered is exciting. Its your lot in life to be this way. Intense Affirmation training to make you softer and limper then ever before.
Includes: affirmations, triggers, trance training, cock control, limp dick, flaccid affirmations, mind fuck, mental domination, humiliation arousal, tease and denial, obsession and so much more
Listen: Limp And Soft Preview
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