Satanic Sissy Part Two

You’re traveling the left hand path further into the depths of your transformation into a vile sissy slut devoted to the Dark Lord And Master Satan. Opening your most vile holes as a sacrifice for the demon hoard to debase as you call them to you to use you with incantations. When you offer your sissy faggot ass, mouth and throat to be used you are pleasing your master Satan. Your growing obsession and preoccupation with traveling the dark left hand path increases even though you knows that your soul is blackening further and you are becoming more Satan’s faggot bitch with every vile slutty act you perform.  Your uncontrollable urge to whore yourself out all manner of dark beast and vile man and half man is growing and you are drawn to extreme acts and fetish play, making sure the its the most humiliating, the most painful and the most extreme imaginable because the more extreme the act the further into service to Satan you go. Nothing is too extreme for a satanic sissy, nothing. Falling into the depth of depravity being a true sissy faggot acolyte is your goal.
Includes: rituals, femdom hypnosis, back masking, whispers, dark arts, subliminal suggestions, slave training, triggers, mental domination, mind fuck, devil worship, blasphemy, demon summoning, forcedbi, cocksucking, anal, bdsm, painslut training all the bells and whistles.
Personalize it!
You can Personalize this session with a unique whisper track. Personalized sessions take 7 days to finish and are $100.00 additional. You need to purchase both the original file to which you will get an immediate download link and the personalized option which will give you instructions on how to get your personalized whisper track version. Email me after you purchase to discuss your whisper track. This is a full whisper track, not a loop.
Listen: Satanic Sissy Part Two

Length : 31 mins, 54 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

 Personalize your session with a unique whisper track! This is a full track nt a loop and unique and exclusive to you. You must purchase both the original file and the additional personalize option. Personalize it!
Personalize it options are not available on all files and are for a limited time!
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