Spit On Humiliated Loser Affirmations

Repetitive affirmations with a call and response. You long to be spit on by women, that’s the kind of loser you are, you get off on it, you need it, the more degrading the better, you really get hot when they spit in your face, it makes your cock hard. You are a humiliated, spit on loser and these affirmations will help you accept who you really are. ASMR whisper tracks are included.
Includes: Affirmations, femdom hypnosis, humiliation, spit fetish, female control, female dominance, mind fuck, brainwash, mental domination, triggers, trance training all the bells and whistles.
Listen:Spit On Humiliated Loser Preview

Length : 37 mins, 45 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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