Stroke Fiend Series

All ten amazing Stroke Fiend Mp3s sessions bundled  together for a discount. You are a Jerk off freak, a jerk off addict, a real stroke fiend. You want nothing more then to beat your cock until its red sore and throbbing and you cant beat it any more. Your training furthers here, with this amazing series of masturbation, cum eating, ball stretching, jerk off humiliation masterpiece training sessions. Each one delving deeper into your need to beat your meat and all the dirty thoughts that go with that. Get all ten Mp3s and spend your days training to to become the ultimate stroke fiend. A JOI Tour De Force. Do Not Miss out on ALL TEN!

• Stroke Fiend

• Stroke Fiend Two: Taking It Further

• Stroke Fiend Three: Into The Light

• Stroke Fiend Four: Ivory Cum Tower

• Stroke Fiend Five: Stroke King

• Stroke Fiend Six: Triggered to Stroke

• Stroke Fiend Seven: Stroke Machine

• Stroke Fiend Eight: Programmed

• Stroke Fiend Nine: Triggered Two Ways

• Stroke Fiend Ten:  Hopelessly Addicted

Length : All Ten Mp3s
File Format : Zip File W/ 10 Mp3s
Price: U.S. $300.00

Listen to some previews of the Stroke Fiend Series


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