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Fagnosis Affirmations

You will continue your training into fagdom with these hypno affirmations. They will condition you to your new life as a fag. Its simple you will love who you become and you will love cock. Repetitive affirmation training with subliminal suggestions, triggers, binuaral beats, brainwave training and all the bells and whistles. Become who you know you are with fagnosis training. Includes a call and response for further training. Best listened to on repeat and for hours at a time. Can be used in conjunction with sleep training and should be. A great conditioning and training session.

Includes: affirmations, forcedbi, femdom hypnosis, cocksucking, fag training, triggers, trance training, mental domination, cock worship, humiliation, mind fuck, brainwash

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Length : 32 mins, 00 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00