Lowly Beta Male Affirmations

Over 40 mins of Repetitive beta male affirmations to train you to accept that you are indeed a beta male. That you are a lowly beta male, inferior to strong women and beneath all other people. Orgasm denial, orgasm control, anal training and black cock conditioning. Strong humiliation element. Best listened to on a loop either in short bursts or extended periods of time.
Includes: Affirmations, femdom hypnosis, BBC, orgasm control, anal training, humiliation, triggers, whisper tracks, binuaral beats, brainwave training, female dominance, chastity, mental domination, cuckolding and more.

Personalize it!
You can Personalize this session with a unique whisper track. Personalized sessions take 7 days to finish and are $100.00 additional. You need to purchase both the original file to which you will get an immediate download link and the personalized option which will give you instructions on how to get your personalized whisper track version. Email me after you purchase to discuss your whisper track. This is a full whisper track, not a loop.

Listen:Lowly Beta Male Affirmations Preview

Length : 44 mins, 01 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

Personalize your session with a unique whisper track! This is a full track not a loop and unique and exclusive to you. You must purchase both the original file and the additional personalize option. Personalize it! Personalize it options are not available on all files and are for a limited time only, so don’t delay!
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