Beta Male Training Affirmations

Your training as a beta male continues. You will be trained to understand your place, to know who you are. You are a beta male and you will learn to obey and to walk the path of your destiny. As a service slave, a beta male low on the totem pole there to serve and to be used how ever your mistress sees fit. It is who you are and you know it. Affirmations to help you train your brain to accept your place. Should be listened to often and on a loop. The more you train the more you will accept who you are. A beta male, you will not be allowed to cum because it must be safeguarded that you never reproduce. Best listened to on a loop.
Includes: forcedbi, slave training, slut training, humiliation, triggers, female dominance, bdsm instructions, trance training, affirmations, brainwave training, ASMR, subliminal suggestions
Listen: Beta Male Training Affirmations Preview

Length : 20 mins, 29 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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