Humiliation Arousal

Train with femdom hypnosis to become aroused at your own humiliation, intensely aroused, insanely aroused. More aroused then you have ever been before. You need humiliation and embarrassment to get turned on, to get off, its who you are. This session will train you to become more aroused then you have ever been by humiliation and embarrassment. Serious hypnosis training using traditional hypnosis techniques and methods. Intense brain training. The kind of training you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Accept who you are, train to be aroused, intensely aroused at your own humiliation.
Includes: femdom hypnosis, triggers, erotic hypnosis, humiliation, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwave training, subliminal suggestions, guided hypnosis, traditional hypnosis methods, brainwash, embarrassment, erotic hypnosis.

Personalize it!
You can Personalize this session with a unique whisper track. Personalized sessions take 10 days to finish and are $100.00 additional. You need to purchase both the original file to which you will get an immediate download link and the personalized option which will give you instructions on how to get your personalized whisper track version. Email me after you purchase to discuss your whisper track. This is a full whisper track.

Listen:  Humiliation Arousal Preview

Length : 15 mins, 45 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

Personalize your session with a unique whisper track! This is a full track not a loop and unique and exclusive to you. You must purchase both the original file and the additional personalize option. Personalize it! Personalize it options are not available on all files and are for a limited time only, so don’t delay!

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