Beta Male Trigger Loop Limited Edition Mp3 – SOLD OUT

The Next session in the Trigger Loop limited addition series.
Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. A limited number of these sessions are up for sale. When these limited edition mp3s are sold out you won’t be able to buy them individually!
BETA MALE TRIGGER LOOP – Your place is below me, a beta male whose purpose is to serve how ever I see fit. You are a beta male and your needs will always take a back seat. You know its who you are. Now’s your chance to solidify your training with this beta male trigger loop. Triggered into always putting your needs last and my needs first, living as a fully realized bet male is your dream begin your training now. subliminal suggestions, ASMR, whisper tracks and brainwave training are all included.

Includes: beta male training, slave training, triggers, femdom hypnosis forcedbi, triggers, trance training, female dominanace oral servitude, femdom topping, mental domination, ASMR, whispers

Listen: Beta Male Trigger Loop LTD Preview

Length : 15 mins, 10 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $20.00

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