Feminization Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Big Ball Hunt

It’s going to be a new year and your ball fetish training is going to be stepped up a notch or two. Increasing your desire and your fetish for big low hangers is imperative. Obsessively thinking about and looking for big balls to hunt and hunt and hunt. Adding the biggest balls to your big ball collection. Learning to love even more the feel taste and weight of them in your greedy ball loving mouth. You are a true ball lover, a real ball hunter, a big ball fetishist.
Includes: ball fetish, testicle obsession, forcedbi, cocksucking, femdom hypnosis, triggers, trance training, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwash, sub training, erotic hypnosis, female domination, subliminal suggestions, magic control

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Length : 31 mins, 30 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00