Plugged and triggered. Plug and nipple fetish affirmations for those with specific needs. The more you are plugged up in your greedy hole, the more sensitive your nipples seem to become. The areas of your body are intertwined, the two areas of your body are irrevocably linked together. In ways you never thought possible.  You need this training and you need to be plugged, and modified. trained, mind body and soul to your new fetish, your new body awareness. Large vibrating and extreme. It can never vibrate enough, it can never be large enough, it can never trigger your sensitive aching nipples enough. It’s what gets you off and is how you will be trained. Plugged forever and always. The best affirmation training around for sluts like you.
Includes: Plugs, vibrators, nipple sensitivity, affirmations, ASMR, femdom hypnosis triggers, whispers, subliminal suggestions, mental domination, magic control, erotic hypnosis

Listen: Plugged Preview

Length : 26 mins, 25 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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