Cash Point Meet

erotic femdom hypnosis Erotic femdom hypnosis not enough? Trt a Cash Point Meet. We will meet at a designated ATM or “cash point” somewhere in Maryland I tell you to go. Don’t worry its a small state. I will stand around looking bored and watch as you withdraw your daily limit from your ATM. You will then quickly had over MY cash. I may allow you to get on your knees in front of me, let you buy me a Starbucks, demand you take me shopping or I might just slap you across the face and leave. Whatever I choose to do, you will thank me for it. If i happen to be traveling I’ll tweet if a Cash Point Meet is available while I’m on the road. So pay attention to my Twitter @jennydemilo

How do you set up a Cash Point Meet? Its easy…

A $75 deposit is required. Once you pay the deposit, I will make an effort to come Cash Point Meet you. If you don’t make a deposit there will be no meeting. Period. This is the ONLY way you will ever meet me, as in person sessions are canceled indefinitely.

Send your deposit to Cash Point Meet via GiftRocket