Cash Point Meet

We will meet at a designated ATM or “cash point” somewhere in Maryland I tell you to go. Don’t worry its a small state. I will stand around looking bored and watch as you withdraw your daily limit from the ATM. You will then quickly had over MY cash. I may allow you to get on your knees in front of me or let you buy me a Starbucks or I might just slap you across the face and leave. Whatever I choose you will thank me. If i happen to be traveling i’ll tweet if a Cash Point Meet is available while i’m on the road. So pay attention @jennydemilo

How do you set up a Cash Point Meet? Its easy…

A $75 deposit is required. Once you pay the deposit, I will make an effort to come Cash Point Meet you. If you don’t make a deposit there will be no meeting. Period.

This is the ONLY way you will ever meet me, as in person sessions are canceled indefinitely.

Deposits via GiftRocket