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Fan Club: Speak To Your Mistress

I now have a Loyal Fans fan club. As my most loyal followers know I deleted my Only Fans a while back because …. well they suck. I haven’t opened a new fan club until now. I needed to find the right one. I have landed with Loyal Fans. Its reputation for customer service is A+ and it has so many features that I’m still figuring it all out. If you want to have one on one conversations about what ever is on your mind or interesting that is where I will be. I’ll posting exclusive content on Loyal Fans too so you don’t want to miss out.

Sign up using my LINK. Seriously, If you don’t have an account use my link to sign up. It helps me grow on the site when you do. Click my button to sign up!


When you subscribe to my Loyal Fans, you’ll have access to all the erotic hypnosis audio sessions posted on my timeline, exclusive to Loyal Fans Brain Byte mini sessions posted on Fridays (you wont be able to get these anywhere else) also photos, interesting audio, the occasional video and anything else I decide to post. Its the best way to support me and my work.

Personal Attention

Loyal Fans is the ONLY platform for chatting with me in DM’s. It’s the ONLY way to receive individual attention, distance raining, personal fetish training, individual tasks (daily, weekly, monthly) and personal interaction with your Mistress yanno ME. I respond to all DMs personally and timely. Cuz I’m good like that.

Brain Byte Shout Outs 

I do my Brain Byte shout outs a little differently. When Shout Outs are available I will announce the theme on my timeline and in my profile. It could be anything, obedience, service, cock worship, premature ejaculation, sissy training, cuckolding, the list goes on and on. This will be a 5-7 minute Brain Byte Affirmation loop of the theme of the day with your name (or any name) you’d like me to refer to you. The best bargain on the internet right now.

Taking Calls

I will occasionally take calls. These are VOICE calls and my camera will not be on. You can put your camera on though if you choose, that would be fun. When you see I’m available you can just call. Or if you are well trained and polite you can ask permission to call first.

If you don’t have a Loyal Fans account use my link to sign up for one. It helps me grow on the site when my link is used.

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