Sneak Peek Video

Erotic Femdom Hypnosis is all you can find now! I have retired ALL my old fetish clips. They are disappearing from the internet at lighting speed. If you have one consider yourself lucky. If not? You missed out.  I have collected a few fun video things for you though, so you wont feel left out. I’m good like that.

Promotion videos, motion graphics and a little taste of behind the scenes. My traditional fetish clips have been retired from sale. This is all the fetish clip video you will get. Enjoy!

Goddess Worship Trigger

Tongue Fetish. My tongue and spit videos got me kicked off of a TON of mainstream video sites. Yes, they are just that good.

Jenny DeMilo Fetish Clip Bumper – Since I retired all my fetish clips. This amazing bumper i made is going to waste. Watch it here!


Inky Hypnosis Bumper. 5…4…3..2…….1 (sound design by Me, of course)

Tongue Spit- More amazing mouth, tongue and spit fetish video. I loved making these. They are all retired videos now, you can only see a small hint of them  here.

Puppy licking my toes. The best toe licking ever. Better then you cold ever do it.

Cupcakes! Early classic Jenny DeMilo Fetish videos revolved a lot around my mouth and sugary treats.

Sissy Slut. You sissy sluts need a LOT of training. Like a ton. You all have so much work to do and you never seem to get it right. Work harder Sissy!

Tongue Tease. Mouth, tongue, spit. It’s like your dream come true.

Boot Worship. Fluevogs are the best shoes ever. Yes, even better then those famous red bottomed shoes everyone fawns over. Though those dont suck either. This little promo video got me into a fight with Vimeo. I won that fight and was able to keep the video online but had to change the watermark to twitter. They eventually deleted my account with no warning a year later.

Femdom Hypnosis Bumper. Again sound design by Me. Cuz of course it was.


Sploshing! I used to do in person sploshing sessions. One kind client helped me make a little promo video in a session. Messy, wet and a good time was had by all.

Painslut Training. One of my favorite promo videos. Pain slut training is one of my favorite ways to spend an hour of your excruciating time.

Behind The Scenes. This is what it was like trying to film with my pooch in attendance.

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