femdom hypnosis Feminization Hypnosis MP3

Secret Feminization

Embrace you feminine desires on the inside. Enjoy the excitement and thrill of being feminine but still have the security of knowing that people around you don’t know. This sessions will implant a strong desire to feminize your body by using female grooming products. Soaps lotions and hair products. With feminine scents. Full body hair […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3

Your Cock Will Fail You

A limp dick is what you have, no matter how excited, how aroused you find your cock will fail you. In fact the more aroused you get, the less you can rely on your cock. You find your arousal increases with this knowledge, you cant stop the excitement from increasing, you then experience the humiliation […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI MP3

Stroke Fiend 6, Triggered To Stroke

You’re a JOI addict, addicted to working over your sore red cock. Again and again you jerk off and eat your own cum. Working your way to becoming the ultimate stroke fiend. Always aroused, always ready to whip it out, always ready to get off, always read to slurp up your own cum. This is […]