jenny demilo femdom hypnosisThe traditional definition of a tribute is as follows “an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration” If you want my attention send a tribute before begging for it. Do something to make yourself stand out.

Please don’t email me asking for favors, link reissues, attention or pretty much anything where your dick is hard without sending me tribute first. This would only show that you have no respect, training or manors.

I tend to delete emails with out a second thought if no tribute is attached. Don’t be that submissive. Be the submissive who gets it right by sending in a tribute BEFORE contacting me about anything other then a tech support questions. For those please see my FAQ page on how to resolve your issue yourself before getting me involved.

Here’s a list of gift cards and options for you.

Home Depot Gift Card 
Gift Rocket
Amazon wish list
Starbucks Gift Card
Petsmart Gift Card
Lego Gift Card:

You can tribute me with cash or gifts. All E-Gift certificates should be sent to “”