ABDL Hypnosis

ABDL Hypnosis Mistress Jenny DeMilo surrounded by bees from the tiny beehiveABDL Hypnosis and Erotic Femdom Hypnosis for all the littles’ out there in the world. I can now present to you Jenny DeMilo’s Tiny Beehive. It’s a safe, magical space where you are free to explore the magic of childhood and all that offers to littles who are looking for a place to explore and play. I’m here to guide you on the journey. Take my hand let me lead you into the tiny beehive.

What does the Tiny Beehive Have to Offer?

There are many ABDL hypnosis mp3s to chose from on Tiny Beehive. More are being added all the time, so do check it often. No matter what you may be looking for, joyful little space drops, guided age regression, diaper training or something a little more on the fetish slant there’s a little something for everyone on Tiny Beehive. I also available for free download bedtime stories and classic tales narrated just for your enjoyment and mine. Let me tuck you in at night and tell you a bed time story.

You can get a feel for my style and the tenor of my voice wit the free downloads though trust me its just a taste of what i can offer my little friends. Custom ABDL recordings are also available though Tiny Beehive, if you need to get just the exact ABDL hypnosis recording you want. They are a little more expensive but what wouldn’t you pay to get exactly what you want, just they way that you want it. Let’s explore this magical world together. Join me at the beehive, the Tiny Beehive.

For the full catalog of ABDL hypnosis recordings please visit Tiny Beehive

Small smiling bee in front of the words Tiny Beehive

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