Free Downloads


Yes, you leeches I have finally added some FREE downloads for your enjoyment. If you want to say thank you, a tribute is always nice.

Honoring Mistress: Always wanted to know how you could honor me? Wonder no more here are 7 easy ways to honor your mistress. Downloadable PDF.


Cock Slut: A shortened version of the very popular “Cock Slut” Mp3. Originally recorded in 2011 this session is a Coerced Bi masterpiece. Mastered and engineered by The Sal DeBain studio make sure to wear your headphones for this one.


Sissy Cock Sucker: A full length Mp3 that has not been released for general sale. For sissy sluts that love cock.


You have to have a NF account to download these Next two freebies

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies One

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies Two

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