Free Femdom Hypnosis


Yes, you leeches I have finally added some free downloads for your enjoyment. Don’t say I haven’t heard you loud and clear. There are now free files for you to download. There’s a variety of options available, I hope you enjoy them.

Honoring Mistress:

Always wanted to know how you could honor me? Honoring your Mistress is a necessary part of the Domme / sub relationship. Wonder no more! Here are seven easy ways to honor your mistress. I know you like it easy so here ya go. Downloadable PDF.


Cock Slut:

A shortened version of the very popular “Cock Slut” Mp3. Originally recorded in 2011 this session is a Coerced Bi  / forcedbi masterpiece. Digitally mastered and engineered by the one and only Sal DeBain studios. Make sure to wear your headphones for this one. Its pure ear candy and a forcedbi fetish  tour de force. Don’t miss out. I may decide to pull this one at any time.


Sissy Cock Sucker:

calling all sissy sluts. Finally a free file just for you. You lucky little perverts. A full length Mp3 that has not been released for general sale. This is where you find this session. No where else. For sissy sluts that love cock. I know that’s you.



You have to have a NF account to download these Next two freebies. They are only available on nite-flirt but its super easy to get an account and there’s a lot of nite-flirt to enjoy. It hasn’t been around as long as it has because it has nothing to offer.

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies One

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies Two


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