Erotic Femdom HypnosisErotic Femdom Hypnosis Reviews:

I have hundreds of amazing and positive hypnosis reviews of my work as a Dominatrix and Hypno-Domme. Below are a  few tidbits from satisfied pets. If we’ve had a session either in person, online, though text or on the phone or you have purchased a clip or hypnosis recording, email me your thoughts and impressions so I can include them here in my reviews.  Updates will be made as new reviews come in. I adore hearing how much my work effects you, don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts.

Read what adoring slaves  have to say about Me….

This beta male needs to.shut up and obey only Mistress Demilo’s thoughts and words ~Slave TP 2019 Mistress knows what this beta male wants and needs ~Slave TG 2019
I have just purchased two new of your magnificent works. I cannot wait to be brought further under your control. It is truly amazing…..I cannot get your words out of my head. All I want to do is serve you and do your bidding. ~slave DC 2018

I want to be trained to be you slut ~slave ZM 2018

High quality files and a very sensous voice. Extremely talented ~Slave OCD 2019 EI want to he the cockpkeasing slutty girl that Mistress Demilo wants me to be ~Slave T 2019
I am being brainwashed by Mistress DeMilo and l love how it feels ~Slave TG 2019 It’s so true that I love to have my hole plugged and that it makes my nipples more sensitive ~slave TG 2019
SYou can’t go wrong with this clip if you are into coerced drinking intox. Thank you, Mistress DeMilo. Cheers! ~slave CM 2019 The usual JennyDeMilo production- powerful and leaves you craving more ~slave GD 2019
What more could you ask for? Domina is going to make you want to serve her rubber cock ~slave BBC 2019 This recording is amazing. Domina is so skilled her works never grow old. Each time you listen it only adds to a new level of mindfuckery. ~slave BB 2019
Mistress soothing and very addictive voice will relax you and soon all you want to do is obey Her and accept Her will as your own. I can’t recommend this file enough but be warned you will become addicted to this file but in a good way. ~slave A 2019 Nobody makes me feel like more of a cock craving faggot queer than Jenny ~slave Al 2019
All your products are amazing. Your voice is so enticing. I love it. ~slave SM 2019
I can’t stop listening to them. Beautiful voice. So enticing and seductive. ~slave Sm 2019
I can’t stop listening to them. Beautiful voice. So enticing and seductive. ~slave Al 2019 All are powerful. One of them is especially so. Sissy Submissive Cuckold mp3 includes a vibration of her voice that stuns at times, deepening the trance. Just wanted to keep listening forever. ~slave GD 2019
This is a great clip! Thank you so much for encouraging and helping me accept my PE and uncontrolled perversion. Please never stop doing what you do! ~slave CM 2019
Just had to PREMATURE EJACULATE! ~slave p.e. 2018
Wow…very hot and very intense audio hypno. Highly recommended. ~slave SLJ 2018 this is one of my favorite files!! I love being conditioned to crave hard cock in my sissy faggot ass by Mistress DeMilo!! ~slave al 2018
This beta male would make such a good little sissy with its locked clitty and stretched open pussy ~slave TG 2018 This locked beta male craves total orgasm denial – it does not even deserve sissygasms. Thank You Mistress for helping this beta male accept its place. ~Slave TP 2018
I recently purchased a few of your chastity themed audios and found them extremely erotic. ~Slave E 2018 thank You for making Your amazing sessions. I’m not making it up when I say that some of what I’ve heard is what I’ve always pictured as the perfect session to me. ~Slave J 2018
So, thanks Jenny from a completely satisfied client who plans to stay in touch, to order more of your work and who truly appreciates your effort! ~slave US 2018
Please do keep up the good work. I’m sure each recording is a quite an undertaking so I wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate the quality of your efforts. ~slave A 2018

More Glowing Reviews

I love so much being locked in chastity and teased and forbidden to cum Thank You Mistress Jenny for Your wonderful recordings ~Slave T 2017 Jenny DeMilo’s Clips are the epitome of the genre, and the most effective recordings anywhere. If you buy it; you will become it. If you want your fantasies to become reality, Mine have, Thank You JENNY ~Slave SH 2017
So addictive to listen to. And, oh so very effective. I think of cock almost all day, and definitely every day. I’ve gone from curious to trying to maintain any desire to have sex with women and not be a woman ~slave c “Fucking awesome! You are an audio Goddess!” ~slave p 2012
Wow – what a one-two punch! The brainwashing sneaks up on you. ~Slave T 2017 Excellent! I appreciate the support and encouragement to indulge in my porn and masturbation addictions ~Slave CM 2017
She continues to improve on turning me into a sissy slut each day! Buy all her stuff and you will become hers ~Slave B 2017 Thank you for turning me into a jerk obsessed Stroke Machine. ~slave G 2017
She is the queen of kink and knows sissys better than anyone.. Beware,,,, you will turn into a faggot cock sucker ~slave B Excellent! I appreciate the support and encouragement to indulge in my porn and masturbation addictions. ~slave CM 2017
Wow – what a one-two punch! The brainwashing sneaks up on you. ~slave T 2017 OMG super humiliating… Slurped, gagged, cried, throat fucked the small dildo I had to buy for an hour today. This assignment will definitely will turn your mouth into a HUGE, slippery cock hole. ~slave JB 2016
Jenny DeMilo creates unique content like no other. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me on your list! Plan is to own the entire collection. Lustfully yours ~slave SL 2016 The best,JennyDeMilois the best. New style on this one i found simultaneously refreshing/devastating..sinister artist indeed ~slave Ee
so hypnotic, so real, so cruel! ~slave r4h Always the best ,the perfect balance between wondering if i have gone too far and wanting more ~slave ee 2015
When I first sampled it I thought to myself – I’m fucked. And now that I’ve listened to it in full – I’m really fucked. That voice is still echoing in my mind as I type this. ~slave il 2015 Mistress DeMilo’s never-ending roller-coaster ride of epic, audible MP3’s spin on full-speed ahead in Her latest lustful tale of mayhem offering you another mental escapade of surprise and delight. ~slave sl 2015
The sissy directive series is intricately woven hypnosis. I am amazed at how Mistress Demilo keeps setting the bar higher. If you want direction this is the way to go ~slave jj 2015
I cannot control my penis! ~slave p.e. 2015
Oh my god!!!! This was sooo perfect, I was slowly stroking really lightly all the way through and at the end I simply came without trying…. I love you, I love what you’ve done to me! ~slave a79 2015 Always a new headtrip! Again, Mistress DeMilo cuts to the core and will hit you like a “ton of bricks” heh heh heh… ;)~ ~slave sli 2015
the best topic “cum covered feet” jerkoff on pretty feet stick cummy feet in your mouth and suck lick cum off pretty feet feel intense arousal and touch your cock 🙂 ~slave messm 2015 Jenny DeMilo is the epitome of this ART, and Should be a GRAMMY Winner. She is The Most Erotic, the Most Intense, The Highest Quality ~Slave sh 2014
Incredibly arousing and incredibly effective. After listening to her chastity files for a while, Miss DeMilo completely owns my cock, locked up in a cage for her all the time. ~Slave m 2014 In my opinion the JennyDeMilo mp3s are overall the best D/s hypno training mp3s available–in their creativity, complexity and intensity. They cover the fullest range of topics. i think the beta male series is especially powerful. ~Slave s 2014
My favorite hypnotist! ~slave bbl 100 out of 5 Jenny DeMilo is so good the rest would only measure 1-5, but Jenny DeMilo is at least 20 times better than the rest. She gives you everything you want plus the things you didn’t know you needed, right from the start. ~slave sh

Miss Seleena K throughly reviews ASS BITCH

” found myself nodding subconsciously as she told me I would crave the feelings of having my ass filled with larger and larger objects.  That I would crave being stretched and filled by huge cock.”  Read the full review on Seleena’s T-Girl Site


I wanted to take a moment to compliment you on the quality of your Erotic Femdom Hypnosis recordings.  Since I have purchased, so far, 14 of them ranging from your beta male & bottom bitch series to your sissy finishing school and cock worship/obsession sessions.  The cumulative effect of listening to so many of your recordings multiple times over several months is shortening the time it takes each new recording to have an impact on me.

slave A4


“Fucking awesome!   You are an audio Goddess!”

slave p 2012


Thank you, Mistress:  Your mp3 sessions and videos are the most thrilling and powerful control I have ever experienced!

slave p

The thing that strikes me the most about Mistress Jenny is her commanding voice. She speaks in such a strict and persuasive way, that even if the suggestions in her recordings are not your cup of tea at first, you might find yourself enjoying new fetishes later. Her words are so strong that if you met her in real life, you would not be able to disobey her simplest requests even when not hypnotized. Hearing her voice arouses me so very much.

She is also great with use of background voices and sound effects. Easily gets you in the mood.
There is heavy humiliation in the recordings.But once you start listening, she redefines the concepts of “extreme” and “normal” in your brain in no time.
10/3/2012  – Slave W


Mistress DeMilo,

Thank You.  Thank You for Your suggestion, i look forward to Your next suggestion.  This Sissy Slut Training Lesson MP3 well, it’s amazing, You’re completely amazing, everything You do….. You are my vision of fantasy and Your words carry me away – the perfected female mind beautifully portraying and clearly laying out the truths that make my knees weak.  Wow, the way You word Your recordings, just so awesome and real, the raw and unabashed issuance of conveying of Your point… there is no one else like You.

You so completely know how to handle and effectively deliver words that haunt and heighten my escapes in Your MP3’s … my words of praise just don’t do justice to what You do to my mind – You are incredible.

Thank You for the fabulous fantasies you’ve continually produced and consistently amazed and delighted us with.

Dreaming with Your words in my head Mistress DeMilo… till transfixed anew…

Your eternal fan,

SlaveM 2012


Hello Mistress,
I just want to complement you on your mp3s.
I purchased several of them, namely the super stroker, the hyper stroke addict, and just recently, the “never cum again”.  Your voice is so mesmerizing and so soothing to my ear that I can listen to it all day.  Yes, your voice!  It is so soothing and comforting to listen to.  All the background music and back masking that your do to make your mp3s so inviting.  It’s hard to believe it is your voice since I have listened to you on some of your teasing videos.   Your mp3’s make me aroused all day and fill my soul with lust.  I didn’t think hypnosis really worked; I always thought to be hypnotized is to walk around like a zombie and/or stare and stupor in your chair all day.  But I think your hypnosis is causing me to predispose myself into doing things I only thought about and never acted on.  For example, yesterday, I purchased a chastity belt, and am waiting for it to be delivered.   I already have a couple of devices but they don’t really work, cuz they hurt and get very uncomfortable.  So I purchased another one that would prevent me from masturbating yet be comfortable to wear long term.  Your ‘never cum again’ really arouses me and makes think about chastity belts and the eagerness in putting it on.
So that’s all I wanted to say.  I really enjoy listening to your mesmerizing voice and background music.  Looking forward to more of your work.  Looking forward to be drawn into insane lust!
 Slave W, 2012


Oh Mistress DeMilo,

How wonderful Your gifted way with words wilfully walk me through wonderful worlds…. and now Your beats are coming into fuition and Your newer and more intrepid experiments provide me with more thrilling and mezmerizing effects… its as if You’ve read my mind and now i can’t help but just close my eyes and even try to get an understanding of how absolutely amazing You are while being lead down the primrose Your didactic diatribe pedantically delivers into my drifiting mind, ego-abiding laser sharp words and visual concepts of stretching the aural in-between and slowly taunting the wanting!!!  You make me want “the want of it”… Oh! You are my favorite and i will surely purchase whatever You deliver -Feeling it kick in, so more, more…more audio and welcome the visual hypno You continue to introduce!

Slave S 2012


Dear Mistress:
I have been listening to hypnodomme recordings for many years.
But I have never had as strong a reaction as I did yesterday when I downloaded & played Cock Jockey for the first time.
I got an immediate erection, and felt overwhelmed by compulsion.
While I had been doing some anal play, it had never been a regular thing.
Now I am violating myself twice a day, and feeling wonderful afterwards.  I spend a lot of spare time thinking about my next cock jockey experience.
Cock Jockey is a masterpiece!
BH 2012

Another RAVE review of a collection of my hypnosis MP3s from Sara girl on her Sissy girl Confessions Blog. This time she reviews my Sissy Slut collection (A collection of three mp3s about all things sissy slut)

“God, I almost creamed in my pink satin panties hearing it, I don’t know how I managed to finish the first recording, let alone the second two. I wanted to drop to my knees, to be her panty bitch, to submit to her on my knees.

Read the full review here:

Thanks Sara!



Ohly shit your Amazing i just try it i had my eyes close at the end of the session i masturbated i cum in my hand i had some esitation at first like always but i look at my cum in my hand and then i stared to lick a little , i lick it 3 time but i did not have enough courage to eat it all when the cum has started to taste funny i have stopped your the first to make me eat it you can Add your comment in your website i should film it to prove it to you ….

P.V. 7/2011


New RAVE review for “cuckoldress” 3 part cuckolding erotic femdom hypnosis Mp3 by Sara Girl Sissy Confessions:

“Um, let me be clear, these ARE NOT for the feint of heart. She’s going to teach you to LOVE COCK. Well, she’s training you to be a fluffer for your mistress, so, you’re going to learn to obey, to get aroused, to get excited at the mere thought of sucking a cock for your mistress….”

Read the full review here:



That recording is amazing! Incredibly hot!! I couldn’t ask for anything better! Honestly. Wow!

I know I mentioned before that your recordings are great (and I’m not just saying that to be nice) but you really outdone yourself with this. I knew it was going to be good but I never imagined that I would have already listen to it twice and probably a third time after I write this email. 🙂

Thank you very, very much for this. Have a great night!

K -6/11


“Ms. DeMilo looked at me with a devilishly sexy grin and within minutes my once pristine and perfectly tailored business suit was reduced to a chocolate syrup and pie-filling covered tattered shredded mess. She seemed to take delight in destroying the pretty dress I gave her as well. She has a mean streak a mile wide but her heart is even bigger, and can she make you feel like the king of the world while you grovel at her feet licking her perfectly manicured toes.”

HcH May, 2011


This is the most amazing thing I have ever encountered – I can’t stop stroking and repeating this clip 🙂
Please make more – I would really enjoy more feet hypnosis – maybe with video?
Thank you again so much for making this
EF 2011

Hey Jenny,

Thanks so much for the session just now. I was blown away by how quickly and easily you ran with my ideas. You listened well to my fantasies and experiences, and used them exquisitely as you took them to another level entirely. Jenny you are stunningly intelligent, and have a great sense of fun. You were enthusiastic throughout as you put amazing images in my mind. Not only did you more than satisfy me – wonderful value for money – but I feel like you’d approach any fantasy or scenario with aplomb. Absolutely one of a kind, and I will definitely come to you again.

xx- 2011


Thanks for another awesome  session, Jenny. Your relentless mocking is awesome — love how you never back off. Can’t wait for the next one.

Take care.
FD- 2011