Instant Ejaculation

useless cockYou cum on a dime. As soon as your little useless cock gets hard it blows, its almost like you can never tell of your cock gets hard or not because as soon as its hard, its over, you cum. You can never hold off, you just cum in your pants, you just look at a pretty girl, and wham, you cum. You’re preoccupied with sex, the second you start to think about it, wham you cum. Did you even get hard that time? It’s like you have a limp dick all the time them you cum. Are you a limped dick loser? or a premature ejaculator with a hair trigger? Maybe you’re both!
Includes: Premature ejaculation, triggers, femdom hypnosis female domination, mental domination, mind fuck,brainwash. ASMR, subliminal suggestions, trance training, erotic hypnosis, bdsm instruction, orgasm control

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Length : 24 mins, 33 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00