dark femdom hypnosisExtreme subjugation dark femdom hypnosis. You are nothingness, you are not even a slave, you are only an object for me to toy with, to humiliate, to embarrass and to reduce to your true self, your true self of nothing. This session has extreme elements and is meant for only the most depraved and should not be entered into lightly. The session was designed to implant dark thoughts though triggers and suggestions and to take you to your extremes where your are nothing and your Mistress rules you with an iron often violent fist. The audio style is designed to further your spiral into dark hypnosis and bind you to your fate. Headphones are a must for this session.  You have been warned.

Includes: dark femdom hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, verbal degradation, verbal humiliation, physical humiliation, mental domination, femme fatale, pain, toilet slavery, threats, violence, triggers, subliminal suggestions, back tracks, bdsm instructions, trance training, mind fuck, brainwash, salve training, objectification, masochism, wet and messy

Listen: Nothingness Preview

Length : 34 mins, 07 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00