Intense humiliation hypnosisIntense humiliation hypnosis and degradation femdom hypnosis. Let me tell you who you are, what you are worth and how you will entertain me moving forward. You will learn your place though degradation and humiliation. You will be my piggy, doing what piggies do. Entertaining me and my close coven of Domme friends. You will be degraded, forced to masturbate for us and root around in the piggy mud all for my amusement because lets face it that’s all you are worth, that’s what you’re good for. You will be my piggy. This is just the first step.
Includes: femdom hypnosis, humiliation, JOI, CBT, degradation, triggers, trance training, verbal humiliation, mental domination, mind fuck, bdsm instructions, female domination, intense humiliation hypnosis

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Length : 31 mins, 05 secs
File Format : .mp3
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