Real Sissy Cuckold Affirmations

Sissy Affirmations graphic artSissy affirmations: You are a cuckold who can only enjoy the cuckold life, cuckold sex, cuckold rules. Increase your acceptance of your true destiny to be a real sissy cuckold, a true faggot sissy who existence is craving for the cuckold lifestyle. Be that real sissy cuckold who can only have sissygasms. Sissygasms are your ultimate goal, you crave, need and want them, they are your only outlet since you are a cuckold who will never have real pussy ever again. You’re not man enough.  As a real sissy cuckold you will keep your ass and your mind both open to being taken deeper, harder, lower. Train with these repetitive affirmations, be a real sissy cuckold for your Mistress.
Includes: anal, dildos, cuckolding, sissygasm training, affirmations, femdom hypnosis, triggers and so much more

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Length : 41 mins, 30 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00