Secret Feminization

secret feminizationEmbrace you feminine desires on the inside enjoy your secret feminization. Enjoy the excitement and thrill of being feminine but still have the security of knowing that people around you don’t know. This sessions will implant a strong desire to feminize your body by using female grooming products. Soaps lotions and hair products. With feminine scents. Full body hair removal. A beauty regiment a feminine woman would have. Taking pride in being fresh clean and pretty well groomed poised and confident. Like a woman. It will instill strong desire to constantly expand your secret feminization, a little more every day. Reassured that they can always stop if it goes too far.

All your secrets are hidden

Your skin could be even softer. A woman has high levels of estrogen to make their skin soft. Estrogen will also help smooth and shape your body in a more feminine way.  Take estrogen. Enough to have proper feminine hormone levels. A bit of weight gain is normal for anyone. It’s easy to hide under your dull man clothes. Estrogen will also make your breasts grow. Many men have man boobs, you can have real woman boobs. Growing breasts is better than they could have ever imagined. Man clothes are cut to hide your growing feminine lines, nobody can tell. Sure you get fewer erections, but that just makes it easier to feel more feminine.

Erections are just ugly man stuff you don’t need to worry about anymore. It’s better to be aroused like a woman is.  An erection ruins all these nice feminine feelings, it’s better that those are going away. A woman doesn’t get erections and neither should you. All these changes are good and makes you feel more complete and happy. After all its just our little secret.

Includes: feminization, femdom hypnosis, trance training, whispers, subliminal suggestions, forcedfem, mental domination, female domination, erotic hypnosis, transformation, whispers, mesmerize, mid fuck, mind control, brainwash

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Length : 47 mins, 40 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $45.00