Blackmail femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Blackmail affirmations

Over 40 minutes of femdom hypnosis blackmail affirmations. You crave exposure and you crave to keep your perverted secret life a secret. What a dichotomy, a contradiction, a pickle! these affirmations will help you except they you need to be blackmailed and that you in in fact crave to be blackmailed, it gets you excited […]

Chastity femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Never cum again affirmations

Over 30 minutes of erotic hypnosis repetitive affirmations to help you remain chaste to me. You will never cum again that is a fact of your new life as a chastity slave and these affirmations will help you learn your place as MY chastity slave, the slave you dream of being. You crave chastity and […]

Anal femdom hypnosis Gay Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Surrender To Cock

You will be trained and tranced into giving yourself over to cock, you will be trained to surrender. To surrender to cock. Mind body and soul. surrendering to cock will always be on your mind and you wont be able to escape your ever growing addiction and obsession and desire to surrender to cock. giving […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3 Nipples

Nipple Arousal – Femdom Hypnosis

Erotic trance and mind control training. You will become addicted to to nipples, all nipples thoughts of them will consume you. Aroused and excited all the time, consumed by a nipple arousal fixation, no mater where you are or who you are with, it will be a compulsion. You can’t stop yourself from your desire […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3

Hair Trigger Cock Duo Pack

Get both best selling Hair Trigger Mp3 hypnosis sessions bundled for a price break. Humiliation, premature ejaculation, loss of control, you’ve longed for it now it can happen. Serious sessions for the hardcore humiliation lover. Headphones should be sued and you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while listening. (yes that means no driving) 1. Hair Trigger […]

femdom hypnosis Gay Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Your Black Cock Obsession – MP3

Powerful Femdom trance and erotic mind manipulation training, be mesmerized and trained and controlled into becoming big black cock obsessed where servicing black cock is what you think about all of the time. obsessed and addicted to black throbbing cock, needing and craving is all the time, trained to accept that sucking black cock is […]

Cum Eating femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Submissive Spiral – CEI Hypnosis Mp3

Serious Femdom hypnosis trance training, delving deeper into submission by being triggered to eat your own cum, knowing you cant stop, knowing you crave to do it that you long to give in to my commands and you need to fall down the submissive spiral where nothing matters but your desire to be submissive to […]

Cum Eating femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3 Sissy Training

Cum Craving Sissy Boi

Jenny DeMilo’s Sissy Finishing School – Cum Craving Sissy Boi: lesson 8 Class is in session and today’s lesson is “Cum Craving Sissy Boi” Be seduced by my hypnotic voice and have your mind and soul controlled by my powerful femdom hypnosis and sissy training. Feel the change, as you go deeper and deeper into […]

femdom hypnosis Gay Gay Humiliation Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3 Transformation


Powerful Femdom erotic hypnosis. Now that you’re out its time to act like the big homo you really are. accepting and flaunting your attraction to men. Taking that final step and living the life, the gay life like the cock loving bottom bitch you always wanted to be. its what you really want to do […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3 Oral Servitude Sissy Training

Sissy Cock Slave – RETIRED

Transformation and submissive cock slave and training. You will be entranced and transformed and obsessed. Transformed into a sissy cock slave. Craving to be a sissy cock slave at my feet. obsessed with dressing up and serving cock, mesmerized to need it. You cant stop yourself from the transformation taking place deep inside you. You […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Dickmitized – RETIRED

You will be addicted and obsessed with cock, crave it, need it, be mesmerized to have to have it. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to suck cock. You need it all the time and can’t stop thinking about it. It’s an obsession. You can’t control it, it will control you. I will control […]

femdom hypnosis Feminization Hypnosis MP3 Tit Fetish Transformation

Grow Tits

Grow Tits – Erotic Hypnosis: Become the girl you know you are on the inside and watch your tits grow. I can make them bigger and fuller than you ever imagined. I control them; you have no control – you give that up to me. My voice and haunting images drive you deep into trance […]