femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Mind Control MP3

Breathe Induction

Deep relaxation and subliminal suggestion induction. This induction can be listened to be fore any hypnosis session. it was designed to bring you into a very deep relaxation trance where you are especially susceptible to subliminal suggestions and triggers. Deep and relaxed and ready for commands. If you are having trouble reaching a deep enough […]

Cum Eating femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Cum Eating Affirmations

You know its what you should do, you want to but need that extra push. You will become a prolific cum eater. Its your destiny, its who you are on the inside. Its your fate! Over 45 minutes of cum eating trance affirmations, designed to stretch your cum eating skills. Making you more inclined, more […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI MP3

Stroke Fiend 6, Triggered To Stroke

You’re a JOI addict, addicted to working over your sore red cock. Again and again you jerk off and eat your own cum. Working your way to becoming the ultimate stroke fiend. Always aroused, always ready to whip it out, always ready to get off, always read to slurp up your own cum. This is […]