femdom hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Faggot Nympho

You are my faggot nympho. You want to be a whore for me. A real faggot whore who needs all the con all the time, you can’t help it its who you are on the inside the more deprived the better. That’s who you like it, a true faggot nympho. Sucking it hard and deep, […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Fagnotic Trance

You long to be put into an intense trance, a fagnotic trance where you realize your desires for cock and men. Its the most intense of trance states, one where your lust and cravings become more intense. It’s the frenzied trance state you dream about and need. I can put you there and you want […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation MP3

Premature Ejaculator Trigger Loop Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Trance Trigger Loop Hypnosis. The Third session in the Trigger Loop limited addition series. Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. A limited number of these sessions are up for sale. When these limited edition mp3s are sold out you won’t be able to buy them individually! PREMATURE EJACULATOR TRIGGER LOOP. Your cock is broken just as […]

Chastity femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Locked Up Forever

Chastity hypnosis for the serious chastity lover. You will be trained to give up your desires, to have your cock locked up not just for an extended period of time but for ever, Hyper aroused and in a frenzied state but never getting any relief. This is your destiny. You will be trained to crave […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3

Forever Flaccid

Your dick is broken, it a sad little limp thing and its going to stay that way. The more you get aroused the less you are able to make your dick hard, it will lay there flaccid and not not working no matter how much you try to get it up and stiff. Its useless […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI MP3

Stroke Fiend 5, Stroke King

Further your stroke addiction. Your training becomes more intense as you work toward your goal of being a stroke king. Always aroused ready to beat up your poor sore red cock at any provocation. Always Taking things one step further, one more jerk session, one more ball stretcher, one more cum meal. You always need […]