femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI Masturbation Masturbation Instruction MP3

Jerk Off Instructions Trigger Loop LIMITED EDITION

New limited edition trigger loop. Jerk off instructions. The next session in the Trigger Loop limited addition series. Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. A limited number of these sessions are up for sale. When these limited edition mp3s are sold out you won’t be able to buy them individually! Jerk Off Instructions: You must touch […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI Masturbation Instruction MP3

Stroke Fiend 8, Programmed

Continuing your training you are now a cum eating machine. Its a vicious cycle. Constantly stroking and slurping up your own cum. You’re aroused more and more often unable to shake the need to take your cock out and jerk its sore redness out of it. Your compulsion is growing, your humiliation at what you […]

Assignment Nipples

Nipple Torment

Real pain-sluts like their nipple in torment, you are no exception to that rule. You will need to gather all the items, find a time to dedicate to the intense nipple torment training. This is not for the weak of heart or tit, you will be pushed to your pain limit and beyond. your sexual […]


Dear Domme – Assignment

I am the only one for you, you have decided to give everything up for me. Which means you must give up all other playthings, control of your arousal, control of your cock. This assignment is not to be taken lightly. There are requirements, it wont be easy but it will be worth it. Giving […]

Assignment JOI

Jerk Off Schedule – Assignment

You’re a public humiliation JOI addict. A real masturbation instruction fiend. You’ve come to the right assignment. I give you explicit JOI and masturbation instructions about where to whip that cock out and when and how exactly you can cum. That’s right buckle up JOI fans this ones for you. This is a three week […]

femdom hypnosis Food Hypnosis MP3

Food Porn Transformation

You have two obsessions Porn and Food. Both are strong and addicting. Have those addictions grow and strengthen onto full fledged obsessions. Listen to the triggers as you find your obsessions melding and molding into one deep dark craving. Unable to control your porn addiction, while your boy engorges making you even more obsessed with […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI MP3

Stroke Fiend 7 – Stroke Machine

The 7th installment in the stroke fiend series. You are a machine, programmed to stroke. Between jerking your raw red cock and eating load after load of your cum you hardly have time for anything else. Until you find new triggers implanted, that lead you down the new path of an almost constant hard on, […]

Ass worship Cum Eating femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Cum Covered Ass Addict

Trained to give in to your feelings and cravings and need to jerk off all over a hot round ass, then licking up your wet cum. These thoughts and feelings begin to take over your daily life as your trained to accept your addiction. The thoughts about rubbing your cock all over a hot juicy […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis JOI MP3

Stroke Fiend 6, Triggered To Stroke

You’re a JOI addict, addicted to working over your sore red cock. Again and again you jerk off and eat your own cum. Working your way to becoming the ultimate stroke fiend. Always aroused, always ready to whip it out, always ready to get off, always read to slurp up your own cum. This is […]

Hypnosis JOI Masturbation MP3

Stroke Addict

Trained to stroke, stroke, stroke. Conditioned to obsessively touch your own cock but never cum. the more you stroke the more you want to cum the more you will be addicted to stroking… Powerful Femdom hypnosis “STROKE ADDICT” directed arousal and stroke addiction/obsession hypnosis, Be trained and conditioned to crave to stroke for hours at […]