Assignment Humiliation

Extreme Treatment

Trance enhancement and training with extreme BDMS instructions. These instructions should be followed exactly before listening to a extreme session. It is designed to break you down. It is extreme. It is not for the weak of heart, mind or body. You must commit to completing these instructions, all of them. To the letter with […]

femdom hypnosis Humiliation Hypnosis MP3

Limp Cock Trigger Loop Limited Edition

The next session in the Trigger Loop limited addition series. Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. A limited number of these sessions are up for sale. When these limited edition mp3s are sold out you won’t be able to buy them individually! Your cock is limp, it will always be limp. it will never be hard […]

femdom hypnosis Goddess Worship Hypnosis MP3

Eradicate All Other Dommes Trigger Loop

A trigger loop to help you erase all other Dommes from your mind. You ever feel like even though you want to depart a Dommes control you just cant make the break. Think you’ve been bewitched in a way you cant disengage from? Now you can. Residual attachments can be eradicated with this trigger loop. […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis MP3

Deep Induction

A deep hypnosis induction that is designed to take you very deep and go very low. This deep induction prepares you for your next easy step down, opening your mind to new thoughts and possibilities. This induction can be listened to before any femdom or vanilla hypnosis mp3. Be it mine or other hypno-dommes or […]