femdom hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Faggot Nympho

You are my faggot nympho. You want to be a whore for me. A real faggot whore who needs all the con all the time, you can’t help it its who you are on the inside the more deprived the better. That’s who you like it, a true faggot nympho. Sucking it hard and deep, […]

femdom hypnosis Hypnosis Make You Gay MP3

Fagnotic Trance

You long to be put into an intense trance, a fagnotic trance where you realize your desires for cock and men. Its the most intense of trance states, one where your lust and cravings become more intense. It’s the frenzied trance state you dream about and need. I can put you there and you want […]